It won’t surprise you to know that income inequality is a growing concern for American families. What may surprise you is that a child’s family income is now the greatest predictor of how successful that child will be as an adult.

Think about it. Through no fault or effort of their own, a child born into a low income family is more likely not to graduate from high school, get stuck in a dead end job, or have low self esteem. Whereas a child with wealthy parents, regardless of IQ, talent, or effort, is much more likely to graduate from college, pursue a fulfilling career, and feel confident enough to pursue their dreams. This is what’s called the “opportunity gap.” STOKED exists to level the playing field by creating a sense of community for struggling students to feel success and joy beyond the classroom.

Our mission is to inspire teens who are the most vulnerable, to believe in themselves through action sports. We believe that riding a wave, building a skateboard, and gliding down snowy mountains can show teens that they are capable of greatness, despite the odds against them. Mentors in New York and L.A. from film directors to marketing professionals, who also have a passion for snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing, take teens on day trips outside of the city and show them how to ride. From standing on a mountain top to catching a wave we place kids in environments that not only changes their perspective, it changes their lives.









Be the change you
want to be.

STOKED is more than just something you do on a weekend. STOKED mentors form a supportive community of creative, generous, positive people that want to make an impact in a kid’s life and have fun doing it. You don’t have to be a pro-athlete to get involved, just have a love for the outdoors or an appreciation for what can be learned outside of a classroom.

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